Waxing Information

~I wax from brows to toes and everywhere in between. I've had extensive training in speed waxing and technique. My most requested waxes are Brazilian/Bikini (usually 30 mins. or less) and precise eyebrow design.

Start your waxing experience by knowing you are in experienced hands. When scheduling your appointment, please know, that there is no question too embarrassing to ask. I've heard it all before and I want you to be well informed about your service.  

Facts about Brazilian/French Bikini/Bikini waxing


My most popular and requested waxing service.

Full hair removal from front to back.

I do not make you get on all fours to get the hair in the back.

*A Brazilian wax does NOT hurt THAT bad, (despite what you think), if you have an experienced Esthetician performing your waxing service.

French Bikini-

Removal of hair that lays slightly inside your swimsuit line.


Removal of hair that lays on the outside of your swimsuit line.

Facts about all body/face waxing

You can wax while on your period. 

I offer a complete wax and will use tweezers.

You will experience soft re-growth.

Waxing will get easier, as you continue to get every hair by the root (usually your 3rd or 4th time).

There are three hair growth cycles. When you remove all desired hair by the root, the hairs grow in thinner, not as deep and therefore consecutive waxes do not hurt nearly as much.

If you shave please allow approx. 3 weeks of regrowth before coming in for your waxing service.

Know that when you shave the hair will root deeper and will stay thicker which tends to make for a more painful wax.

Suggestions to make your waxing service the best it can be-

Bring clean cotton undies and loose fitting clothes to wear after your Brazilian wax. 

Take a mild pain killer, such as Ibuprofen, 30 mins before you wax.

Avoid tanning before waxing and wait 48 hours after waxing.

Avoid caffeine at least 4 hours prior to your service as it makes your nerves more sensitive.

Gently exfoliate before and daily after to help prevent ingrown hairs.

Trim hair to approximately 1/2 of an inch. I won't trim in the studio due to the non-hygienic nature of having the hairs left behind. 

If you are on your period, please wear a tampon. 


Brazilian waxing area- Keep clean by wearing fresh clean undies home from your waxing appt. 

Wear loose clothing

Let air out- air kills bacteria

The day after your wax-start to lightly exfoliate and apply witch hazel or other favorite antibacterial to waxed area, and hydrate with moisturizer that is non-fragrant. 

Contraindications for waxing

You cannot be waxed on your face if you are using Retinol, Retin A, Acne Medications, Rhodan and Fields  anti-aging or acne products or any other strong peeling agent for the skin.

You cannot be waxed if you have used Accutane with in the past 6 months.

**I am committed to making your waxing service clean and hygienic. I promise there is NO double dipping into the wax pot. I will always wash my hands and dawn gloves before touching your skin. New sheets and towels are replaced after every client. My instruments ie. tweezers, scissors are sterilized in hospital grade disinfectant after every client.

Sincerely, Jenipher  Harnden