Skincare Treatments

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Questions: What is the best facial for my skin type?

Age-Management Facial Are you concerned with fine lines, uneven coloration, large pores, dull tone, rough texture?

 Age-Management facial   60 mins. Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation helping to remove dull lifeless skin cells, extractions to reduce pore size, in addition to tightening, brightening and evening out skin with high potency masks rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and hydration. Serum with high potency L-Ascorbic Acid neutralizing free radical damage and continuing to increase cellular turn over which results in tightening of the skin. Finishing off with an eye cream rich in stimulants to minimize dark coloration caused by more stagnant blood, as well as increasing tightness of tissue around the eye area, lip balm, and essential hydration for the balancing of your skin type. All this coupled with a nurturing hand/arm, neck/shoulder, and scalp massage. 

Glo Essential Facial  Are you needing a skincare assessment? Not quite sure if you reached the time in your life for corrective skincare? Need to balance and maintain your youthful healthy tissue?

The Glo Essential  facial:  60 mins.  Is a maintenance facial great for skin that needs to continue  a healthy regime for their skin, but not quite ready to pull out the  "big guns!" Includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, mask, and hydration. As well as hand/arm, neck/shoulder, and scalp massage. 

Acne Facial  Are you confused about whats going on with your dehydrated, oily, acne prone skin that is highly sensitive?  

 Acne Facial :  60 mins. Includes a thorough assessment of what type of acne we are working with. Not all acne is created equal! Assessment will include diet questions, recommendations of diet alterations, skincare recommendations, as well as a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, mask, and hydration appropriate for your skin type. More time is concentrated on the face in this facial, however, if time allows of course you get the pampering hand/arm, neck/shoulder, and scalp massage. 

Express Facial  Are you needing a deep cleanse and balancing for your skin but don't have that much time on your hands? 

Express Facial :  45 mins. Includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, balancing, hydrating appropriate to your skins needs.  Excellent value for your dollar!