Nano Infusion Skin Treatment


Before and After 1 CBD Nano Infusion

What is a CBD Nano Infusion Treatment?

Pharmaceutical grade CBD is infused into your tissue with a Dermal Pen. The Dermal Pen is an instrument that pushes product deeper into the tissue with a disposable cartridge housing  a nano tip. The Nano tip micro-punctures the tissue pushing product as deep as you can into the surface cells.  This process does not hurt and feels quite like a cat is licking you. 

Why CBD?

CBD  is a natural plant compound that has been shown to help reduce inflammation and support the skins natural healing process. It binds with a special set of cell receptors in our skin activating transmitters neurologically  that regulate cell growth.   It is more effective than other skincare ingredients because the molecules are so extremely small, making the penetration into the skin more effective.
Like other organs in our body, our sebaceous glands and hair follicles contain CB1 and CB2 cell receptors. Meaning that our skin as well as our bodies recognize CBD and can utilize the ingredient more readily.  When we perform this treatment using nano technology, it calms visible inflammation caused by clogged hair follicles and clears bacteria, helping to reduce acne flare ups.  CBD treatments target unhealthy cells and leave the healthy cells alone, leaving you will an over all healthier skin. 

Typical Results of the CBD infusion treatments:

Calmer, less inflamed, more hydrated, tighter, toner, more even in texture.

Who can do CBD Infusions?

Suitable for all skin types