Are you looking for a new line of make-up? Let me introduce you to Maskcara cosmetics!

Maskcara is a premier one of a kind lllD foundation that enhances skin tone, camouflages blemishes and dark circles, sculpts features and creates the "perfect lighting" on your face all in one quick application. 

You are not one dimensional, and your makeup shouldn't be either. It should be intuitive and personalized. You are unique and your face is an amazing combination of glowing highlight and chiseled shadow. 

The palettes above can be customized with your choice of foundation, blush illuminator, powders and/or eyeshadows. Say good-bye to the days of buying whole palettes full of shades you don't want or need. When you run out of the color you use, pop out the tin and pop the new one in.

Pre-made compacts are made for different skin tones. Or you can create your own compacts with the colors of your choice!



Before and After Pic of MINI makeup applicatons! 

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Color guide to help pick your colors or send me a pic and I can help you pick your colors. Another option is to come to my studio if you are in the area and be color matched by me. I have an option on my booking app. that carves out time to get color matched or get a mini application to see if you like the colors, feel and longevity of the make up as you wear it throughout the day. Test it before you make a purchase!  

A good start for your daily wear! A Quad with your customized colors!

Don't forget your brushes!  These brushes are multi-use for money well spent. Made specifically for cream based makeup, that you will absolutely need to apply makeup properly. 

All products from Maskcara can be purchased online through my store with free shipping. 30 day money back guarantee from the company and free shipping on returns. Can't beat it!

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