Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions

The name Borboleta comes from the Portuguese meaning of butterfly, and like a butterfly, beauty comes in all different forms- each of us unique, but equally beautiful. 

About the process

Each individual lash is glued on to your natural lash one at a time with pro quality adhesive. I carefully isolate your natural lash and apply a high quality synthetic mink lash to your natural lash. The process takes slightly over 2 hours for your first full set of classic lashes.  2-3  week fills are half the time of a full set. 

First we sit down and assess your natural lashes, the shape of your eyes and talk about the look you would like to achieve with your lash extension service.

Once we have consulted about your expectations, you get to lay comfortably upon a cushioned table  and nap for the duration. I highly recommend bringing earbuds and your favorite music to zen out to.  This service requires your eyes to be still as possible and talking throughout makes your eyelids naturally flutter, making the process slightly more challenging. 

Tips to make the service the best it can be

  • Come in with clean lashes and no makeup on or around your lashes, including eyeshadows and foundations. 
  • Make sure not to cleanse your eye area with any makeup remover with an oil base before or after the service. 
  • Bring earbuds to listen to your favorite tunes. 


  • This is the most important part of the service. AFTERCARE
  • Do NOT wear mascara
  • Do NOT cleanse with an oil based make up cleanser
  • Cleanse daily with an appropriate lash extension cleanser  form the root of the lash line out to the tips. 
  • Get your fills every 2-3 weeks.